29er vs. 26″ plus 27.5″


The 29er is a bike with rims that have a height of about 24.5 inches. The average 29″ mountain bike tire has an outside height of about 29.15 inches.  There is a debate about what type of riding is best for the 29er… I would have to say that the tires defiantly add a little weight, but make for a better landing. And the 29er increases stability without sacrificing quick handling, and better ability to roll over obstacles. 


The typical 26″ rim has a height of 22.0 inches and an outside tire height of about 26.2 inches. The smallest of tires, is the lightest, and is easier to get uphill, but for an experienced rider. Will the small tires, it is not as easy to go over logs, rocks, ect.

26"(left) 29"(right)


You have read about 29er’s and 26″ , but they have decided that there should be something in the middle. That’s where 27.5″ comes in… There has been so much debating which is better 29″ or 26″ well, if you can’t make up your mind…. 27.5 is the answer! The tires on this bike are 27.5″ tall. Right in the middle.



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Pine Hill Bike Park

Pine Hill Park is a bike, hike, ski, and run park in the woods of Rutland Vt. It was founded by Michael Smith in 2001. At the time Michael was a mountain bike racer, he needed somewhere to practice, that’s when Pine Hill Park was first created! Michael worked hard on the trails and then Shelly Lutz, a college student started hiking on the trails! More and more people started helping Michael out and soon enough, the park would be an actual park! In 2001, Michael went to the Board of Aldermen and asked if they could start to develop the park. They soon started developing the park and then something bad happened, the development had to stop. A few months later the development started again and kept going until the park was finished!

Pine Hill Park is mostly known for its bike trails. There are 16 miles of trails over 300 acres. The trails are well maintained Michael Smith. Like I said in the first paragraph, he was a mountain bike racer and can still “shred” on the trails!!! The singletrack trail’s are really nice and there is terrain for all types of rider! Which is why it is one of the BEST mountain bike parks in Vermont!:) Pine Hill Park also has the most EPIC bridges ever!!! They have 7 awesome bridges! The  bridges all have unique names: Centrifuge Bridge, 100ft Suspension Bridge, Hour Glass Bridge, Arch Bridge, Armadillo Bridge, and the Seeping Ledge Bridge.

Here is the  Centrifuge Bridge!

Here is a video of  Kevin Orlowski going on one of the many trails at Pine Hill Park!


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Full Suspension vs. Hardtail…

Full Suspension:

Full suspension mountain bikes are much more comfortable, enjoyable then hardtail mountain bikes!  The only down side is that there is a little extra weight and slightly less efficiency, but its is all worth it in the end! The difference in a hardtail and a full suspension is that the full suspension has a back shock. The way the back shock works is that is has three pivot points, when you go off a jump the pivot points move and the shock compresses and it is a easier landing.

Pivot Points

A Full Suspension Bike


Hardtail mountain bikes pedal better than full suspension, especially on smooth terrain. Hardtail mountain bikes are a little bit  lighter than full suspension and require less care! Hardtail mountain bikes are much easier to get up hills like I said earlier, full suspension bikes are heavier and harder to get up hill.

A Hardtail Bike


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Cross Training for Mtn. Biking

Mountain biking takes place all over the world, and lots of people like it! But what happens when it snows and you don’t want to ride in the snow? Well, I have a solution! Cross training! Cross training is fun and there are lots of ways to cross train!

Here are some ideas!

  • Road Cycling:  Road cycling is a great way to build your endurance and condition cycling specific muscles.  
  • Rowing:  Rowing is a great exercise for strengthening your arms, back and legs which are three important areas for mountain bikers. 
  • Running: Running is awesome for improving your cardiovascular fitness and increasing your max Vo2.
  • Team Sports:  Such as soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. If you don’t like running by yourself team sports are the way to go! 
  • Swimming:  strengthens your lungs which converts to big improvements on the bike. It is also great for strengthening your upper body.
  •  Weight Training: When you weight train, it is important to focus on every your and not just your upper body otherwise you will become unbalanced!

Cross training sounds boring but really if you want to stay in shape and be preparred for biking in the  spring, cross training is the way to go!!!


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Ride the Divide

Ride the Divide

Ride the Divide is a movie about a group of  mountain bikers who want to accomplish something that not many people can do! It is an inspiring journey about the world’s toughest mountain bike race, which in the racers travel over 2,700 miles along the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains. The film is mainly about the story of three characters’ experiences with large mountain beauty and small-town culture as they attempt to pedal from Banff, Canada to a small, dusty crossing on the Mexican border. 

 Over the course of a few weeks they’ll attempt to climb over 200,000 vertical feet over the Rocky Mountains. That’s the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest from sea level seven times. Mike, a 40-year old man who uses this challenge to chart a new course in life, Matthew, a leader in extreme endurance racing who’s competing for his 5th time, and Mary, the first female rider to race this route, will set out to accomplish what very few have been able to do!


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Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is a sport that requires gravity and the need for speed! The riders race against the clock, like in ski racing! The person who completes the course the fastest wins! Races often win by magins of under a second. The word “downhill” actually means something in the sport, they compete on downhill courses, with downhill terrain, with high speed, and air time off jumps and other obstacles.

Downhill mountain biking can be very dangerous! Lots of mountain bikers get severely hurt, like in ski racing some can be deadly!!!

The bikes that people use for downhill can be very expansive! This is a $ 4,000 dollar bike!

Rocky Mountain Flat-Line Pro

Here is a epic video about downhill mountain biking!


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What is your favorite type of bike?

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