How to Build Mountain Bike Trails

Building a mountain bike trail might seem easy ; like just moving dirt and rocks but it’s not! You have to look around and see what you are going to have to move and cut down to make the trail. You have to look at the trees and rocks as a way to make your trail cooler, not something that is going to get in your way. If you really want to build a trail but you are not sure if you will want to maintain it, get a group of people together and see if everyone can pitch in to help maintain the trail. Mountain biking is popular and still getting more popular so if you start a trail someone is definitely going to use it!

Unmaintained Trail

Maintained Trail

There are lots of different types of mountain bike trails. One is downhill trails which are usually harder. You can also put bridges in your trail to make it cooler. Pine Hill Park has lots of epic bridges. Here is the link to my post on Pine Hill Park

There can be lots of different elements to a trail. Here is a list.

  • Bank Turn
  • Bridges
  • Dirt
  • Jumps
  • Gravel
  • Trees
  • Rocks
  • Wood
  • Teeter-Totter
  • Log Rides
  • And More…

Trail Jump


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  1. 1

    jason said,

    Lovin the action pic wheelie on the skinny. Put on some metal and shred those trails.

  2. 2

    Mr. H said,


    I wonder if building an interesting trail, one you’ll use for a while, takes a bit of planning and time to build? It seems a lot of the features you mention and show on the post couldn’t be done in a weekend. That said, you’re idea about getting friends involved is smart. More hands means less work.

    You’ve taught me a great deal about mountain biking this year. There’s FAR MORE to it than I ever imagined. It’s clear you have a talent for blogging, as evidenced by the global audience you’ve cultivated. I hope you continue to post. I’ll be reading!

    Mr. H

    • 3

      emmap25 said,

      I think that it would definitely take more than a weekend to build a trail but, I built a trail at my house in a month. I definitely didn’t build my trail by myself though. My dad, brother, sister, mom, friends, and cousins all took part in helping!

      Thank You! If you hadn’t introduced me to blogging I would have never knew that I really LOVE it! I am also very surprised of how many different countries have visited my blog! I am going to continue blogging!

      Thank You!

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