Trail Clean Up’s

Here is a link to a presentation I made about Bike Trail Cleans  Up’s.


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    benso12 said,

    Awesome prezi Emma!!! I really like the idea of making a presentation, and the trail clean up is prefect because people are not usually super willing to go out and do trail work unless they have some modovation! I think you gave them just what they need to get out there and get to work!!
    Great post!!!
    Did you see i posted again??
    P.S Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

  2. 2

    graceab4 said,

    I love the Prezi! It’s a cool way to present information. Where do you usually go? I think people should definitely go out in New England because Hurricane Irene destroyed lots of trails. What are some tools that you can use to clean up trails?
    Great post!

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      emmap25 said,

      Thanks! I got the idea of using Prezi from you! Where I used to live there were lots of different places! Definitely! Rakes, shovels, and normal gardening tools!


  3. 4

    samc6 said,

    Awesome post! I really like the idea of a prezi for a post! I really like how to told us about how you can really help the community by cleaning up bike trails. I am considering cleaning up bike trails some weekend it warm! Do you know if you should ask the people that have bike trails before you clean them?

  4. 5

    maec5 said,

    I love how you linked the Prezi! It was a cool way to present your post! I really like the prezi, especially when you put in your experience, and, why, how, and where you can bike trail clean! Awesome post!

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