Weird Bike Inventions

People sometimes think that bike can be more than there already are! Here are some examples how:)

Lawn Mower Bike: As you can see, someone who was bored with just mowing the lawn decided to make a lawn mower bike. They took a push lawn mower and an old town bike and attached them and then he or she had a lawn mower bike!

Shopping Cart Bike: All I have to say about this is that it is the funniest thing I have seen while biking! It’s a way to not carry groceries (which  everyone hates to do!) and get exercise at the same time! I am going to have to make one myself!:)

Fly Bike:

Up, Up, and Away… How would you land?

The Rail Bike:

What would happen if a train came??? You would have to jump off pretty quick!

The JCycle:

That person should make more of these. They could hold a race at night!

BVSA Rocket Bike:

I wonder how fast this thing can go?

The Ski-Bike:

This bike would be for someone who really can’t stand the Winter.

Vote for which one you think is the coolest on the poll right below.


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  1. 1

    graceab4 said,

    Who thinks of these things? Seriously, I would never think of these cool bikes. Did the same person make all of these bikes? I wonder how someone put lights in a bike. Cool post!

  2. 3

    samc6 said,

    Great Post! My favorite bike the the Lawn Mower bike and The JCycle. I think the Lawn Mower Bike because you would get exercise while doing the lawn!

  3. 4

    carterh10 said,

    That post was cool I really liked the lawnmower bike and the ski bike. I had no idea that people had made a shopping cart bike.

  4. 5

    maec5 said,

    Awesome post Emma!
    I love your posts! My favorite is the Lawn Mover Bike, you don’t have to walk all around the lawn, you can just bike, that is so cool! Did different people make each bike? They should use the The JCycle Bike during the Luna Cory Night Race! Did you make up the names for the bikes or did they already have names?

    • 6

      emmap25 said,

      Thanks! I like the Lawn Mower bike too! Different people made the different bikes. I know, that would be so cool! Ben O. showed me a website with a list of the bikes and their names, but I added the information.

  5. 7

    paige22 said,


    I liked how you did one of your post on weird bikes and the shopping cart one was funny to me. And I like how you put pictures under the information and they are funny.



  6. 8

    mehana11 said,

    Wow, those bikes are cool! At first, I thought the bike with the lights was made of ice. But guess that wouldn’t work too well… You could use the glow-in-the-dark bike on fourth of July, if you had one that was red, white and blue. I really like how you write about all different kinds of bikes on your blog.
    P.S. Your new bike is really cool!

  7. 9

    Mr. H said,

    I like this departure you’ve taken. The lawnmower bike would be great if you had a flat lawn. The hills would be killer. If I had to choose one, I’d go with the rocket bike. Fire’s cool!

    Mr. H

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