Mountain Biking Gear

When you decided to start mountain biking did you think there was going to be so much that you need? I think that it is pretty important to have the right gear. I mean if you are going on a long ride you don’t want to have a heavy shirt and you defiantly want gloves! Here is a list of the must have things of mountain biking!

  • Full finger biking gloves.
  • Mountain bike riding shorts
  • Mountain bike helmet 
  • Clipless pedal shoes 
  • A water bottle

And just in case…

  • A small tool kit 

Now that you know every thing that you need for mountain biking, you can go out when winters over and shred it up on the trails!!!


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  1. 1

    benso12 said,

    Great post Emma, I love how you mentioned the small tool kit, MBA is always talking about how those things have saved peoples lives! The one thing I noticed was that you said “a list of the have to have things of mountain biking!” I think that the right thing to say there is, “a list of the must have things for mountain biking!”
    Great post!!
    Did you see I posted again?

  2. 2

    Mr. H said,

    Thank you for the tips on the gear. Why “full finger” gloves? When I was more into mountain biking I used gloves that had the fingers cut off. I really only needed the padding for my hands.

    If you would do a post on the benefits of mountain biking shorts I’d appreciate it. Also, a post on helmets would be great.

    Mr. H

    • 3

      emmap25 said,

      No problem! I am pretty sure the reason for full finger gloves is that they have better protection for falls and can absorb bumps and shocks. I will try to do a post on those things but I don’t know if I will be able to find enough information.


  3. 4

    beab3 said,

    I love the water bottle! I like how you mentioned how you might need a tool kit, because you you never know. Great post!

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