Pine Hill Bike Park

Pine Hill Park is a bike, hike, ski, and run park in the woods of Rutland Vt. It was founded by Michael Smith in 2001. At the time Michael was a mountain bike racer, he needed somewhere to practice, that’s when Pine Hill Park was first created! Michael worked hard on the trails and then Shelly Lutz, a college student started hiking on the trails! More and more people started helping Michael out and soon enough, the park would be an actual park! In 2001, Michael went to the Board of Aldermen and asked if they could start to develop the park. They soon started developing the park and then something bad happened, the development had to stop. A few months later the development started again and kept going until the park was finished!

Pine Hill Park is mostly known for its bike trails. There are 16 miles of trails over 300 acres. The trails are well maintained Michael Smith. Like I said in the first paragraph, he was a mountain bike racer and can still “shred” on the trails!!! The singletrack trail’s are really nice and there is terrain for all types of rider! Which is why it is one of the BEST mountain bike parks in Vermont!:) Pine Hill Park also has the most EPIC bridges ever!!! They have 7 awesome bridges! The  bridges all have unique names: Centrifuge Bridge, 100ft Suspension Bridge, Hour Glass Bridge, Arch Bridge, Armadillo Bridge, and the Seeping Ledge Bridge.

Here is the  Centrifuge Bridge!

Here is a video of  Kevin Orlowski going on one of the many trails at Pine Hill Park!


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  1. 1

    samc6 said,

    Pine hill park sounds like a whole lot of fun! I really like how you gave us some background information about how the park was made, how made it, and what you can do at it.

  2. 2

    elie8 said,

    Pine Hill park is a great place to bike I think you should also mention all of the cool bridges there.

    • 3

      Mr. H said,

      It looks to me as if Emma did mention all of the bridges there.

      “Pine Hill Park also has the most EPIC bridges ever!!! They have 7 awesome bridges! The bridges all have unique names: Centrifuge Bridge, 100ft Suspension Bridge, Hour Glass Bridge, Arch Bridge, Armadillo Bridge, and the Seeping Ledge Bridge.”

      Mr. H

  3. 5

    Ben O. said,

    Awesome post Emma, I love how you talked so much about the backround on
    the park! I never knew that it was founded by Michael Smith! Did you know that they hold lots of running races and Duathlons (bike and run)!
    Great post

  4. 6

    Mr. H said,

    Great post Emma. I never knew this place existed. I’m looking for interesting places to bike with my daughter this summer. I think I’ll check this out with her.

    Mr. H

    • 7

      emmap25 said,

      Ya, I have never been there but am looking forward to doing the Lunar Quarry with Ben O. and some other people!!! The Lunar Quarry is a all night race that you do in teams, like a relay!!!


  5. 8

    Kevin said,

    Thanks for linking to my video Emma!

    Here is my ride/report from my first visit to Pine Hill. It’s a special spot, 2hr drive for me but I still get there as often as I can.

    • 9

      emmap25 said,

      Awesome! My family just moved to Weston so we are pretty close! I am thinking of doing the Lunar Quarry this year with a bunch of my friends!

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