Full Suspension vs. Hardtail…

Full Suspension:

Full suspension mountain bikes are much more comfortable, enjoyable then hardtail mountain bikes!  The only down side is that there is a little extra weight and slightly less efficiency, but its is all worth it in the end! The difference in a hardtail and a full suspension is that the full suspension has a back shock. The way the back shock works is that is has three pivot points, when you go off a jump the pivot points move and the shock compresses and it is a easier landing.

Pivot Points

A Full Suspension Bike


Hardtail mountain bikes pedal better than full suspension, especially on smooth terrain. Hardtail mountain bikes are a little bit  lighter than full suspension and require less care! Hardtail mountain bikes are much easier to get up hills like I said earlier, full suspension bikes are heavier and harder to get up hill.

A Hardtail Bike



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  1. 1

    elie8 said,

    Some hardtails are better for some things and some full suspension bikes are better than others.

  2. 2

    Mr. H said,

    I think if I were racing I’d go for the hardtail. However, not being a racer, I prefer the comfort, so I’d buy the full suspension. Thanks for all the details on the differences between the two. Well done.

    Mr. H

    • 3

      emmap25 said,

      I guess so. I prefer full suspension, because of one, the free feeling you get going downhill on a epic trail, and two, the way that the bike moves. No problem, sorry about the video, I didn’t know! I was paying attention to the riders and not the music! I will be more careful next time!


  3. 4

    benso12 said,

    Awesome post Emma!! I love how you incorporated in the bits about the pivot points i think that that would really help someone who is not a pro!! I definitely like full suspension bikes better because it they good for much more things, like the hardtale is better for peadling but by only a bit and the full suspension is more flowey on the downhill and comfortable on the flat and uphill.
    Great post!!!!

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