Cross Training for Mtn. Biking

Mountain biking takes place all over the world, and lots of people like it! But what happens when it snows and you don’t want to ride in the snow? Well, I have a solution! Cross training! Cross training is fun and there are lots of ways to cross train!

Here are some ideas!

  • Road Cycling:  Road cycling is a great way to build your endurance and condition cycling specific muscles.  
  • Rowing:  Rowing is a great exercise for strengthening your arms, back and legs which are three important areas for mountain bikers. 
  • Running: Running is awesome for improving your cardiovascular fitness and increasing your max Vo2.
  • Team Sports:  Such as soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. If you don’t like running by yourself team sports are the way to go! 
  • Swimming:  strengthens your lungs which converts to big improvements on the bike. It is also great for strengthening your upper body.
  •  Weight Training: When you weight train, it is important to focus on every your and not just your upper body otherwise you will become unbalanced!

Cross training sounds boring but really if you want to stay in shape and be preparred for biking in the  spring, cross training is the way to go!!!


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    Mr. H said,


    I like how you offer the audience a variety of suggestions. During the off-season, I think variety is the key towards maintaining fitness; otherwise the routine gets boring, and there’s an increased likelihood the athlete won’t train as consistently, or hard.

    I hope you’re enjoying the break.

    Mr. H

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