Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is a sport that requires gravity and the need for speed! The riders race against the clock, like in ski racing! The person who completes the course the fastest wins! Races often win by magins of under a second. The word “downhill” actually means something in the sport, they compete on downhill courses, with downhill terrain, with high speed, and air time off jumps and other obstacles.

Downhill mountain biking can be very dangerous! Lots of mountain bikers get severely hurt, like in ski racing some can be deadly!!!

The bikes that people use for downhill can be very expansive! This is a $ 4,000 dollar bike!

Rocky Mountain Flat-Line Pro

Here is a epic video about downhill mountain biking!


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  1. 1

    benso12 said,

    This is a super cool post!! That video was awesome, did you notice that some of them were in shorts???!!!! I noticed that when you said that it can be dangerous you said deathly instead of deadly. I think that deadly sounds better! did you notice that i posted again??
    Nice job!!

  2. 3

    HelenaB said,

    Hey Emma! I love this post. The video was really interesting and crazy with the bent tires, flying mud, etc. Keep posting!

  3. 4

    Mr. H said,

    I enjoyed this post because I love downhill biking; primarily because gravity does much of the work. I don’t know if Jay Peak still has this, but for a reasonable price you could buy a day pass, take a gondola to the top, and ride a variety of trails down.

    It was hard physically, as I found myself squeezing my brakes to the max all the way down. Also, in spots, it was pretty technical, as, fairly often, I flew off after nailing roots, rocks, trees, etc.

    It was a blast.

    I can’t believe your how many people are hitting your blog. It’s famous! Congratulations.

    Hope you’re enjoying the break.

    Mr. H

  4. 5

    Paris said,

    Hello Emma,
    That is a very cool video you shared. Keep up the good work!

  5. 6

    paige22 said,

    Hey Emma this is a scary video and I wil never do that because I do not want to heart myself. And have a good week.

  6. 7

    mehana11 said,

    Wow, talk about dangerous! I could never do that. But I suppose it would be pretty fun, if I wasn’t worried about breaking my leg. That video was very cool, too. Also, I don’t have $4000 dollars to spend on a bike….

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