The Benefits of Clipless Pedals

I have been riding bikes for 9 years and I love it!!! But last Sunday my biking life took a great  turn, I got clipless pedals! My friends all said that they make it easier to ride, and they were right! So as soon as I got home my dad put them on and I was off! I spent  all day outside, I couldn’t stop!

The first time you clip your feet into the pedals and get on you may fall off, but once you get the hang of it you are all set! The reason why they are so easy to use is because  you’re not applying pressure to keep your feet on the pedal during the upstroke and your not   wasting energy by pushing back with one foot while pushing forward with the other.  It is that simple! Another benefit of having clipless pedals is that you have more control because your feet are attached to the pedals so if you were to hit a jump your feet would not slide off, also they make it easier to climb hills!

My dad took this video of me riding the for the first time with clipless! 

You can get clipless pedals at almost every bike shop, there are so many different brands that make clipless pedals and shoes! Some brands are Specialized, iQ, Shimano, and many more!

The person who invented clipless pedals is Charles Hanson in 1895. He invented them to allow the rider to twist the shoe to lock and unlock and had rotational float (the freedom to rotate the shoe slightly to prevent joint strain!) The M71 was a clipless pedal designed by Cino Cinelli  and produced by his company in 1971. It used a plastic shoe cleat which slid into grooves in the pedal and locked in place with a small lever on the back side of the pedal body.

Thank you Ben, Katharine, and Scott for inspiring me to get clipless pedals!


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  1. 1

    mehana11 said,

    Cool post, Emma! I really like the video you put on!d

  2. 3

    benso12 said,

    I like his post Emma, I think that it would be cool if you did a post on how there is down hill mountain biking and XC biking and how they are different. If you need more ideas I am subscribed to Mountain Bike Action so you can borrow some of them if you want.

    • 4

      emmap25 said,

      Thanks! That would be awesome! I was think of doing a post on how the components of a mountain bike are important. Maybe I will use that as my next post!

  3. 5

    Great job Emma,

    My first time on clipless pedals I fell 4 times before even beginning my ride and when I was done, I fell again! My legs were so scratched! I love by bike shoes, they are shiny and have blue flowers!!! hahah, anyway, I like your idea for a mt. biking blog! Pearl Izumi makes some really awesome shoes as well, I think Scott has a pair of red ones…

    Also, check out this blog: Betty Mountain Girl

    She has reviews on cool gear, and though she is not just a mountain bike blogger, she has a lot of cool posts.

    Keep up the good work,

    • 6

      emmap25 said,

      Thanks for looking at my blog Pippin!!! I will have to check out yours! Me too, my knees are really scraped up! I will definalty check out that girls blog! How did you find her blog?

      Thank you


      • 7

        Pippin E. said,

        Hey Emma,

        I found Betty Mt. Girl’s blog by searching for a bike review. On the site you can get cool icons that you can put on your side bar! You can just grab the HTML and copy and paste- ask Mr. H for help!

        Again, great job posting!


  4. 8

    Rebekah said,

    Hey Emma!

    Cool blog!
    Mountain biking is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I just never get around to it. Oh well. I didn’t know that there were clip pedals and clip-less pedals! Cool!


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