The First Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes have been around since 1970 and are still very popular today! The first mountain bike had no suspension and was not very high-tech! Mountain biking have transformed into a high-tech, adventure bringing activity and it is not just fun but also exciting and very active! The words “mountain bike” can be abbreviated as “ATB” which means “all-terrian bicycle! There was really no one who actually had the full idea of a mountain bike but instead many different ideas from different people! If you had to put a name one the one who contributed the most it would have to be Joe Breeze. He had the idea of the frame of the mountain bike! If it were not for these smart people there might not be a mountain bike to ride today!

The first mountain bike was really a town bike with the fenders ripped off and no gear guard! It was called the Klunker! The difference between the 1970 Klunker and the 2011 Trek Fuel E5-5 is HUGE!!! I feel that the inventors of the two bikes had the same vision though: to have a bike that is more durable than a road bike and to have a way to bike safely on dirt! If you tried to ride a road bike on a mountain bike trail you would have a big chance of falling off! The mountain bike has more traction on its wheels and has a more durable frame! Here is a video about the 1970 Klunker!

I hope all readers enjoy all my posts about Mountain Bikes! If you have any other ideas on Mountain Bikes please tell me and I will try to post about it as soon as I can!!!


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  1. 1

    fbus4kids said,

    Great first post. The BEST part about blogging is when I learn from my students, and I learned something from this. Yippie!

    Watching the video, I’m struck by how bumpy the ride was. Now most mountain bikes have shock absorbers and other other features designed to make the ride smoother. Is that correct?

    Super 1st post. This is shaping into a great blog.

  2. 3

    EmmaO said,

    Hey Emma. Maybe when I see you tonight I can show you another video my teacher showed us.

  3. 4

    elie8eli said,

    Clipless pedals really do make a big difference.

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